Speaker Bios

Google Presenters

John Bailey Program Manager, Google GeoEDU
Until last year John Bailey was a professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has a MPhys in Physics and Space Science from the University of Kent at Canterbury, and MS & PhD in Volcanology & Remote Sensing from the University of Hawaii, where his research focused on understanding the evolution of volcanic landscapes using satellite data. The release of Google Earth (in 2005), had a huge impact on his career path as it was the perfect tool for geomorphology studies. At that time John was postdoc at the Alaska Volcano Observatory and was able to the develop ongoing collaborations with the Google Geo and Education teams, that ultimately led him to him joining Googler as the newest member of the Earth Outreach team last February.
Karin Tuxen-Bettman Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach
Karin helps nonprofits use Google's mapping tools for their work, focusing much of her work on helping them with visualization GIS data in the tools, as well as getting better imagery for the areas where they work, including high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery and ground-level Street View imagery.
Tina Ornduff Program Manager, Google Edu

Tina Ornduff leads the Geo Edu efforts at Google and is a member of the Engineering Education department. She is passionate about helping educators integrate Google Earth and Google Maps in their classrooms to help students investigate and connect with the world around them. Tina also works on Google's various online course offerings and Course Builder. She recently received her Masters in Education at Boise State University in educational technology. She is a bay area native and lives with her family in Morgan Hill. She enjoys triathlons and running.

Tanya Birch Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach
Tanya Birch is a Program Manager at Google Earth Outreach. With an academic background in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara, she has been part of Google Earth Outreach for 5 years and at Google for 9 years. Prior to Google, she researched human elephant conflict in Sri Lanka with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society. At Google, she's applied her experience working with mapping for the non-profit sector to helping public benefit organizations learn to use Google's powerful mapping tools and Android mobile technology to further their missions.
Sean Askay Developer Advocate and KML Tech Lead, Google Earth Outreach
Sean has been on the Google Earth Outreach team since 2007. He specializes in geo-spatial data visualization and has a keen interest in geo-storytelling. He has extensive experience creating complex KMLs maps, Google Earth tours and is a co-author of Spreadsheet Mapper.
Christiaan Adams Developer Advocate, Google Earth Outreach
Christiaan is a Developer Advocate, GIS specialist, and KML designer with the Google Earth Outreach team, where he helps nonprofits to use Google's online mapping tools to tell their stories, visualize their data, and share their work work with the world. Christiaan focuses on working with Crisis Response and Conservation organizations. His background is in Environmental Engineering, Technology Policy, GIS and international development. When he's not playing with digital maps, Christiaan can be found mountain biking, hiking, or "fixing" things in his workshop.
David Thau Senior Developer Advocate, Google Earth Engine
Dave Thau helps scientists, NGOs, and other partners build software and algorithms that run on Earth Engine, Google's geo analysis platform. Prior to joining Google, Dave worked for many years helping ecologists and biodiversity researchers integrate their systems into distributed collaborative networks.
Allie Lieber Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach

Allie Lieber is a program manager on the Google Earth Outreach team. She manages the software grants program and is now focusing on health mapping.

 Vanessa Schneider Program Manager, Geo Media
Vanessa has been with Google for 3+ years, most recently as the Geo Media lead, helping journalists around the world tell stories with Google's Geo tools and technology. Before joining Google, Vanessa worked at The New York Times as a community specialist, Time Inc. as a researcher and reporter, and at New York startup Hot Potato, acquired by Facebook in summer 2010.
Wei Luo Geo Data Strategist
Wei Luo is a tech lead manager at Google.  She works on geospatial data presentation on Google Maps Engine as well as Google Earth. She is an expert in spatial data quality, ranking and visualization.  She received her PhD from University of Berkeley.   

Megan Goddard

Geo Data Strategist

Megan is a Tech Lead Manager for Ground Truth. She has been at google in Geo since 2006.  Megan has a background in GIS and she specializes in processing large basemap datasets.   


Google Geo Leadership

Brian McClendon Vice President of Engineering, Geo at Google
Brian McClendon is an electrical engineer, a software architect and an avid photographer. He built computer graphics software and hardware at Silicon Graphics before co-founding Keyhole in 2000. Keyhole was purchased by Google in 2004, and later became known as Google Earth. Brian is currently a Google Vice President of Engineering, responsible for geo-products including Google Maps, Google Earth, and Street View.
 Rebecca Moore  Engineering Manager, Google Earth Outreach and Earth Engine
 Rebecca Moore is a computer scientist and longtime software professional. At Google, she conceived and leads the Google Earth Outreach program, which supports nonprofits, communities and indigenous peoples around the world in applying Google's mapping tools to the world's pressing problems in areas such as environmental conservation, human rights and cultural preservation. Rebecca also initiated and leads the development of Google Earth Engine, a new technology platform which supports global-scale monitoring and protection of the earth’s environment. Rebecca received a bachelor’s degree with honors from Brown University in Artificial Intelligence and a master’s degree from Stanford University. Her personal work using Google Earth was instrumental in stopping the logging of more than a thousand acres of redwoods in her Santa Cruz Mountain community

Geo Outreach Partners

Dana TomlinUniversity of Pennsylvania

Dana Tomlin is a Professor of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania and an Adjunct Professor at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  As originator of the Map Algebra language embodied in most of today’s raster-based GIS software and author of GIS and Cartographic Modeling (ESRI Press, 2012), Tomlin has long been recognized as an active contributor to this field.

Nick ClintonTsinghua University

Nick received a bachelors, masters and PhD from the department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at UC Berkeley.  He spent several years in forest management and research, then transitioned to geospatial sciences. Specifically, Dr Clinton focused on spatial accounting of habitat conservation for endangered species, biosphere-atmosphere mass exchange as a result of episodic disturbance from fire, mapping invasive species infestations using multi-temporal remotely sensed imagery, and accuracy assessment for image segmentation. From 2008-2011, Nick worked in the Airborne Sensor Facility of NASA Ames Research Center, producing science quality calibrated imagery and supporting sensor maintenance for thermal, multispectral and hyperspectral imagers. In 2012, he joined the faculty of the Center for Earth System Science at Tsinghua University, in Beijing, China.  His research interests include parallel implementations of image segmentation, use of data mining techniques for analysis and prediction using remote sensed imagery, long term effects of urbanization on trends in land surface properties, and vegetation phenology response to climate. His teaching interests include developing massive, open, online courses in the geospatial sciences.

Holly OrrNew York University

Holly has spent over 20 years working on the east and west coasts in geospatial labs and GIS departments, including the UNCC CartographyLab, Thurston Geodata Center, KCGIS Center (Seattle), NYC Department of City Planning, and NYC DOE Pupil Transportation (school busing). Her journey has given her the opportunity to be an analyst, desktop and web developer, database administrator, data steward, helpdesk technician, and GIS educator. Currently, she spends her days at NYU's Global Technology Services helping faculty incorporate geospatial tools and teaching into their curriculum, and her nights pursuing an MS in Information and Knowledge Strategy at Columbia University. She sits on the Borough of Manhattan Community College GISc Advisory Board and is a co-founder of Geospatial Professionals in Academia (GPA). In a past life (the 90s), Holly toured in a rock band playing lead electric guitar. Today, when she isn’t attending her son’s break dancing recitals with her wife, she plays for fun in her all-female pop band, Bear Trap.

Mary KillileaNew York University

Mary Killilea is clinical assistant professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at NYU.  She received her PhD in Environmental Information Science from Cornell University where she studied remote sensing and carbon modeling of northeastern hardwood forests.  Prior to coming to NYU, she was a post-doctoral research associate at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY where she developed her current research on the ecology of tick-borne diseases.   She continues her research as a visiting scientist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. She also teaches a broad range of Environmental Science and Biology courses (i.e. Biogeochemistry of Global Change, Biostatistics, Environmental System Science, Ecological Analysis with GIS, Epidemiology, and Where the City Meets the Sea).